About Mariella

Welcome to YOUR store!

My curly girl journey started in my 20’s.

I put down the GHD’s and decided to stop fighting what happened naturally: curls.

For years I struggled with products that were full of ‘cones, butters and even Sorbolene! Some days were great and some days… I looked like I had fallen in to a vat of oil.

Then I discovered the Curly Girl Method which sent me from a love-hate relationship to quiet obsession.

But there was one issue: getting curly hair products that were specifically made for curly hair (and not just ones that happened to be CG) was like finding needles in a haystack…

One day, I said no more and I put my money, time, effort and all my years of working in digital to build what you see today.

But I did not build this for me, I built this for us.

The store that stocks the products that are all CG – no guess work or trying to figure out what each ingredient means. We’ve done the hard work for you.

  • Products that are specifically for curly hair.
  • We only stock the products that you want and if we don’t, we welcome you to tell us what you’d like.
  • We are not affiliated or paid by any hair company, if we ever are, we’ll make sure to let you know.

But also (and more importantly) helping you breakdown the Curly Girl method without the crazy overwhelm. It shouldn’t be so difficult.

Welcome, here’s to being curly!

Mariella Mejia

Mariella, Founder Curlyhair.Shop