The Steps To The Curly Girl Method

The Steps To The Curly Girl Method

Curly girl (or boy, curls don't discriminate) it's time to go fully CG. Here's how.

Step 1: Final Wash

To strip all the silicones and nasties from your hair, you have to do one final wash and it's a harsh one. Using your dishwashing detergent (yep, the one for your dishes) or another harsh product (suggestions below) give yourself one final wash to strip away all the gunk from your hair.

Say bye to silicones, it's them not you... 

Step 2: Co-Wash (Conditioner Wash)

Your hair will feel dry, knotty and quite likely smell like your dishes after your final wash. Don't despair! It gets better!

It's time for a wash your scalp with conditioner. Massage your scalp and scrub away to clear up any buildup, oils or dirt. Make sure you rinse your scalp completely, conditioner can sometimes cause build up, if it's not removed completely.

Condition As a second step (or you can do both at once) make sure you coat all your hair with conditioner - it should feel a bit like seaweed like. This is also the area where we recommend raking your hair to get rid of knots with your fingers - brushes are no longer!

Step 3: Style

It's time to add the styling products that will give your curls the moisture, shine, treatment and hold they need. With dripping hair - and we mean dripping, the one where the drops go in your eyes - apply more product than you think you need. You can do it in a "prayer hands" method or rake it through your hair.

Until it all feels coated and almost slimy. Some styling products (randomised) to get your curls rocking,


Step 4: Dry

Goodbye terry towelling your hair. That scruffy method is out the window. It's all about cotton and tea towels - really. Wrap your dripping hair in a tea-towel or old t-shirt - it's called 'plopping' for a way to dry your curls without heat. Optionally diffuse on low heat with your hair towards the ground.

Voila! You're there.

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